8 May 2012

Turbulence - Pesawat

Turbulence Pesawat Music Video Lyrics
Song Title: Turbulence
Album: Take Off
Artist: Pesawat

Music Video: Turbulence - Pesawat

Song Lyrics: Turbulence - Pesawat

On the ground I've tried to believed you
For the words I've fallen into
But I know I cannot take this away

Those the pictures are deceiving
But i cannot stop this feeling
All i know the damage cant take this away

Emotion was electric
Nothing so fantastic
I'm not being dramatic
Its all that i can say to you now

Give us a chance
To hold on to
In what we have
Forget now

Situation change every time
Speculation ruin my mind
Conversation had me trapped between the lines

Just wait for it to change now
We have to compromise now
It doesn't really matter
Its all that i can say to you now ... oh

Take everything
Before it falls
It falls on you
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