22 Jun 2013

RM1K Prize / ScieceBuzz's Poster Contest

ScieceBuzz's Poster Contest

1st: RM500
2nd: RM300
3rd: RM100
Consolation x 2: RM50

science buzz poster contest
Knew this poster contest for about a month now, yet done nothing at all. But today, I checked the deadline, and Oh!! this poster contest is totally abou music (at least it is about sound, sound means music!) nice.. So, I planned to participate, just planned and make a poster with any of three easy topic provided. The articles about the topic is actually prewritten on the sciencebuzz website (so no need to study at all).. anything possible. So here is how to do it

STEP 1: Choose one (1) from three given topics below
Articles are readily available in on the sciencebuzz..
a. Earworms: Why do songs get struck in your head? OR 
b. The power of Karaoke OR 
c. Music is an annoying noise! Err…am I a tone deaf?

STEP 2: Design a poster based on the content of the selected article
Read the article, find images and anything visually appealing for the poster (google it!) and combine them together in a way of 'learning poster' should be. From what everybody know, an educative poster means.. a visually large paper (like advertisement poster) that can be seen from far and understand with less text on it.

STEP 3: Upload the completed poster
Use photoshop, a poster in A3 size (420 mm × 297 mm ). Image format of JPG File or PDF File latest by 30 June 2013. 

STEP 4: Submit your entry
Put on your details so if you win, they know who and where to send the winning money.

More Info: Here
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Jobdirumah Review