21 Aug 2013

Chase Your Dreams - Idzkan feat. DJ Wizzy

Chase Your Dreams - Idzkan
Tajuk Lagu/ Song Title: Chase Your Dreams
Artis/ Artist: Idzkan feat. DJ Wizzy
Album/ Info: Love Yourself and You'll Be Loved 2013

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Lirik Lagu/ Lyrics: Chase Your Dreams - Idzkan feat. DJ Wizzy
You have a dream? Just go and chase it, don't ever ditch it, this is Your dream!
Living in a small city can't be seen by majority,
Doesn't stop you from dreaming big ... even bigger than Hollywood city,
You're not an underachiever, see yourself as a high curricular,

Everybody has a potential,
You just need to unlock it,
Believe in yourself, You will go far like shooting star, cross the far most galaxy, yeah!

A winner never quits, a quitter never wins,
You're not a loser, just keep persevere
You are a champion, be a fighter
You'll be the best!
You have a potential, use it 'cause it's crucial,
Don't ever lose hope, let's try and cope
Work hard to gain it, not ditching it,
Just go and chase your dream!

Realistically positive or even fairy tales dream,
Doesn't really matter, as long as it keeps you going,
It's not about what you have, it's about what you'll get,
When you work hard, and strive to be the best,

Aim for the hall of fame, aim not to be ashamed,
Aim to be the greatest, aim not to be depressed
Be the cream that rises on top and,
don't ever stop
You only got one chance!!


Trusting in yourself is the key to success, u will be the best, yeah feel content with your life
Always persevere and never give up in your life, will take you one step ahead to live in your dreams, yeah Just chase it, don't ever ditch it, this is your dream, Yeah!


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