23 Sep 2013

I Need Believe Tour?!

. . . . .
To Justin Bieber,

I don't know why and how, but please come to Malaysia. My life is meaningless without you here. I am crying everyday and praying for days wishing for #MalaysiaNeedsBelieveTour to be real again in Malaysia.

You VIP Super Supportive Belieber
. . . . .

Today, 23rd September 2013. Justin Bieber is about to go full blown after f1 race in Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. Some Belieber (Bieber fans) already go frenzy about going and have fun (sort of). Many Malaysians are going there to.. but some don't. So for those who don't, there are two things you can do.

Save money for Believe Tour

1. Cry at home while reading other beliebers updating their concert moment in Singapore.
2. Be positive and try begging Justin Bieber to come here (Malaysia) for future Believe Tour!

Many does this, so you should to!

PS: Belieber is a person who loves Justin Bieber, know Selena Gomez 101% better than they know about themselves and hate One Direction and the Directioners because they're jealous that One Directions is more talented (comparatively bad, but not as bad).

Mp3: Nothing Like Us (Bonus Track) - Believe Acoustic
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Jobdirumah Review