23 May 2014

Dyana Sofya Campaign Song

Tajuk Lagu/ Song Title: Dyana Sofya Campaign Song
Artis/ Artist: Teluk Intan Choir
Album: - / Single (2014)

Dyana Sofya Teluk Intan Campaign Politic
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DYANA SOFYA CAMPAIGN SONG - Karaoke Version (Youtube)

Lirik Lagu/ Lyrics
Dyana Sofya Campaign Song

I'm so young and Mah is so old
This, dear friends, I've been told
I don't care just what they say
'Cause forever I will pray

You and I will be as free
As the birds up in the trees
Oh, please vote for me Dyana
Thrills I get when I see you close

Oh, my dear friends, you're the most
I love you but do you love me
I'm Dyana, can't you see
I love you with all my heart

And I hope we'll never be part
Oh, please vote for me Dyana

Oh, dear brothers oh dear sistes
Tell me that there is no other
I love you with my heart
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

Only you can take my heart
Only you can tear it apart
When you're with me both arm in arm
Don't be scared of Raja Bomoh's charm

Vote for me friends ho-ho vote for me right
Squeeze old Mah with all your might
Oh please vote for me Dyana
Please vote Dyana
Please vote Dyana
Please vote Dyana

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Diana (Remastered) - The Very Best of Paul Anka (iTunes)

'Dyana Sofya Campaign Song' Info
Dyana Sofya is the Teluk Intan's DAP by-election candidate goes in straght fight facing Datuk Mah from BN for federal seat. Election date May 31st, 2014.
Cover Version of Paul Anka's Diana.
Lyrics: Dyana Sofya Fan Club.
(P) 2014 Dyana Sofya Fan Club
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