16 Mar 2015

Marry Me - IamNEETA

Marry Me Iamneeta

Lirik Lagu/ Lyrics
We ran out of time now
Trapped in the wind now
No chance when the fate came
I'm running like hell
I wrote black and blue
But i see , all bloody red

Verse 2
It shouldn't be like this
Now not the ending
Show me your love,love,love
It might be the end
But im not
Losing you now

Marry me...ow
Marry me...ow ow
Stay with me...ow
Live with me...oo

(back to verse 2 & chorus)

Video Muzik/ Music Video
Official MV 2015

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Dail *131*359838# dan Hantar

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Dail *888*212365# dan Hantar

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Dail *233*1309568# dan Hantar

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Dail *545115# dan Hantar

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Info Muzik/ Music Info
Tajuk Lagu/ Song Title: Marry Me
Artis/ Artist: IamNEETA
Album: - / Single (2015)
Lirik/ Lyrics: Patrick Anohada

Genre: Pop
(P)  2015 NAR Records
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